Bring me a Rainbow

Barbara Graff
Barbara Graff





"Bring Me A Rainbow is an enchanting, sometimes haunting, blend of classical, jazz, pop and contemporary new age piano. The song is about unrequited love,  wanting something you can't have and that was probably not meant to be. This beautiful piece features Chloe Boelter’s pure voice soaring over every carefully crafted note and Barbara Graff's enchanting piano. Chloe expertly masters the challenging arrangement, leaving the listener in awe. Audio engineer Chris Lieber mixes “Bring me a Rainbow” to breathtaking perfection.  This song has been approved for play on Pandora Radio and is a listener favorite. Listeners comment the song is "exotic" and haunting. Although in E Minor, the choruses are more upbeat and major key sounding. The piece is contemporary musical theatre, more like a "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor" type of production.